Private Jet Flights to and from Marseille

Old Port Marseille France

Jet Off to Marseille

Cruising above the clouds, totally pampered by a crew that’s all about making your trip perfect, as you zip towards Marseille, the sunlit gem of Southern France. This isn’t just any journey—it’s the start of an epic, filled with privacy, comfort, and pure style. Welcome to your private jet adventure, where the ride is as thrilling as the destination.

Once you land, the lively vibes of Marseille are immediately inviting. Stepping off your jet, into a world where you’re not just another tourist, but an honored guest ready to dive into the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning scenery at your own pace.

Stroll Through the Old Port: The Heartbeat of Marseille

The Old Port, or Vieux-Port, is where the city’s heart beats the loudest. It’s a place where history meets today’s buzz, with sleek yachts and charming fishing boats dotting the waters. Take a leisurely walk along the docks, treat yourself to a meal right by the water, and just soak in the lively scene. More than just a spot, the Old Port is an experience—a feast for all your senses.

Head Up to Notre-Dame de la Garde: Epic Views Await

Rising majestically over Marseille, Notre-Dame de la Garde isn’t just a spiritual refuge—it’s a viewpoint like no other. Locally beloved as “La Bonne Mère,” it looks out over the city and sea, offering a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle below. The climb up is definitely worth it, as you’re rewarded with stunning views that stretch from the bustling cityscape to the calm blue Mediterranean—a peaceful moment to soak in the world’s beauty.

Explore the Calanques: Nature’s Stunning Show

No trip to Marseille is complete without seeing the Calanques. This chain of dramatic limestone cliffs and hidden coves is a must-see. Whether you arrive by boat or hike the trails, this place is a sanctuary for anyone looking to connect with nature. Jump into the clear waters, paddle a kayak, or just chill in the sun, surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural beauty. The Calanques are more than just a destination—they’re an escape into the wild.

Why Fly Private?

Choosing a private jet to get to Marseille adds an extra layer of luxury and personalisation to your trip. It’s all about crafting an experience that’s perfectly yours, from tailor-made itineraries to little personal touches that suit your style. With the comfort and detailed attention that comes with private flying, you get to focus on what’s important: enjoying every single moment of your adventure in Marseille.

Marseille, with its inviting charm, calls to those who love a bit of the extraordinary. From the historical depth of the Old Port to the serene views from Notre-Dame de la Garde and the untouched beauty of the Calanques, Marseille offers a spectrum of unforgettable experiences. Flying private elevates this journey, turning a simple getaway into a grand exploration. Welcome to Marseille, where every visit is a story waiting to be cherished. Contact the team to book your next trip to Marseille.