Air Traffic Control and Private Jets

How We Can Help When Air Traffic Control Goes Down

Air Traffic Control and Private Jets

There were issues with the UK’s Air Traffic Control systems in August 2023.  This meant no scheduled flights could take-off, land, and in many cases, were not able to fly over the UK at all.  Thousands of people were unfortunately left stranded, and getting to the UK once systems are up and running is not as straightforward as it may seem, as scheduled aircraft, have schedules to keep!

Scheduled aircraft are in use at all times, and those who have missed their flight due to the systems being down, have effectively missed their slot.

How can we help when Air Traffic Control goes down?

  1. Helicopter Flights: Helicopters can often continue to operate during disruptions in air traffic control systems.  If your journey is relatively short, using a helicopter could be a viable option to reach your destination.
  2. Alternative Airports: If flights are grounded in the UK, you can consider taking a private flight to nearby international airports such as Paris or Brussels, or smaller airports close to where you need to be.  From there, you can switch to land or sea transportation options to complete your journey.
  3. Efficient, Fast Arrangements once Air Traffic Systems are Back in Place: To minimize the impact of flight disruptions, private jets can take off within an hour of booking and provide a more flexible and direct means of travel once air traffic control systems are operational again.  Scheduled flights can take several days to get back to normal after such an incident.  Whereas we offer bespoke flights which can take off the same day as your initial enquiry, and get you to your destination with ease and in stlye.
  4. Emergency Situations: In cases of medical emergencies, private jets or helicopters can provide rapid transportation to medical facilities even when commercial flights are unavailable due to air traffic control issues.

If you are caught out by such instances, we will be able to help you.  For a flight quotation fill in the form below, or call us on + 44 (0) 207 183 9655 today.