Private Jets - The Transportation of the Future?

There’s been some debate in recent times to what the future of transportation will look like. The pandemic has really shaken things up, changed up a lot of what we consider to be normal, and left us with quite a few unique transportation options and beliefs about getting from one place to the next.

We like to think that when lockdown is over, and people return to flying, there’ll be a shift towards private jets. Let’s take a look at the compelling argument for this, to see if we can identify why people would make the transition.

No More Commercial Flights?

Okay, so while we think that the private jet hire will become even more popular as time goes on, we don’t necessarily think it will outstrip the commercial flights as the dominant form of transportation. Rather, we’ll see an increase in the need for a private jet, and a slight decrease in the demand for commercial flights.

Here’s the deal. The big problem that a lot of people are facing is that when it comes to private flights, there is a sort of need for a lack of people. The pandemic has made everyone hyper aware of just how many germs are in the air around us, how many germs other people have, et cetera et cetera. Commercial flights are not the best candidate for this, as they have lots of people on them every day, and hygiene standards will never be 100%.

Every aircraft used by Admiral Jet will have undergone increased cleaning and disinfection procedures prior to each departure and we ensure cleaning and disinfection material are always at the passenger’s disposal.

Shift into Private

That’s probably why a lot of people are looking towards private flight has been the best way to do things. Not only are they a lot easier to get on board with, but there are far less people involved, you don’t have to worry about lines or waiting, you can leave whenever you want to, there is the same level of bespoke service we’ve been providing all this time.

It just makes sense to make the shift into private flights, and we expect to see a rise in them when people can fly again. The reasons are obvious, we’ve talked a lot about how good private flights are, but really, the genuine reason why there will probably be a surge in private flights is because they are just more desirable now. Think about a taxi. You only get just you and a couple of people in a taxi, and you still get your destination. It’s more preferable to a bus, and a private jet is a lot like that in the same way.

Final Thoughts

So, to wrap this up, there is a big demand at the minute for private flights, we will expect to see them being used a lot more when the lockdown is over, and we personally expect to be doing a lot more business and have seen an increase in enquires since the pandemic started.

Private flights are to be coming more attractive as people realise that a bespoke flying experience that is quite isolated is rapidly becoming the preferred option.