Private Jet Flights to and from Zurich

Zurich, the home of the finest chocolate, breath-taking scenery and is renowned for its opulent and luxurious lifestyle offering. It’s one of the safest and cleanest cities globally, and it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular destination. So, begin your trip to Zurich the right way, and book your private jet charter to Zurich with Admiral Jet.

Plenty of Activities in Zurich

Enjoy fine dining and Panoramic Views at Clouds

Fancy splurging on an indulgent gourmet meal? You’ll get dinner and ‘show’ at the top of the tallest building in Zurich. Clouds Restaurant offers up a fantastic nine-course meal, and you’ll get to enjoy some of the best views on offer too. There’s a great bar, and they also offer a top-quality brunch on weekends.

Visit the Famous Confectionery Sprüngli

Take yourself to Confiserie Sprüngli and enjoy the mouth-watering chocolate confectionery that’s out of this world. Take a tour of the factory and watch the processes that go into making this delectable chocolate before you buy some for yourself to take back home.

Travel aboard the Glacier Express

Nestled neatly within the Alps, Zurich has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Europe. Take a train ride that gives you the best panoramic views in town. When you book the Glacier Express, you can be picked up from your hotel and travel in comfort to a city called Chur. Upgrade to a private tour, and you’ll learn even more about the history surrounding this fairytale-esque landscape.

Best Places to Stay in Zurich

The Dolder Grand Hotel

This palace on expansive and stunning grounds offers visitors the grandest of experiences. The Dolder Grand Hotel appears out of nowhere, and the spires look like they’ve come right out of a Disney movie. You’ll find restaurants, bars, pop-up shops, and a relaxing infinity pool with a view. The rooms and suites are elegant and ornate, and you can enjoy the spa’s tranquil peace.

Baur au Lac

If you’re searching for something that expresses a more natural elegance, then a stay at the Baur au Lac is for you. The classic design and contemporary gardens are a breath of fresh air. Within walking distance, there is the world-famous Beyer Shop, filled with high-end boutiques and famous watches.

Storchen Zurich

Get cosy at this 5-star hotel in the heart of the city centre. Oozing with luxury, Storchen Zurich provides stunning lake views, an onsite gym, and several restaurants. This hotel is perfect for everyone, from wedding guests to skiers.

Why Choose Admiral Jet

We offer a fantastic array of different private charter aircraft to Zurich. So whether you’re looking for small transport for yourself or as a couple, to flying with larger groups, we’ll save you time and get your holiday off to the right start.

If you’re travelling for business, you’ll love that you can pick and choose the time of your flight to whatever suits you best – and you don’t need to be at the airport for hours before your flight.

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