Private Jet Flights to and from Washington DC

Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States. It’s iconic monuments, and political power is well worth the visit. The home of the US President, the Supreme Court, and other federal government agencies, has a thriving tourism industry, entertainment industry and arts industry. More than 24 million visitors to Washington DC per year visit the neoclassical monuments, famous museums, and more!

Fly with Admiral Jet to Washington DC Dulles Airport

Washington Dulles International airport is the most central airport to the metropolitan area. The airport is the busiest in Washington and second in the Baltimore-Washington metro area.

Being a city with a massive wave of influential people, there is no better place to fly in to than Dulles Airport. Operating 24 hours a day, the services available are second-to-none. Even better, with Admiral Jet, you can fly from any airport or airfield you like. The service is based on your needs.

A Place of Culture

Washington, DC has loads of traditional attractions. You can visit the Smithsonian museums, one of the world’s most famous curation of historic preservation. There are 25 monuments you can tour – the U.S. Capitol Building, The Whitehouse, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, to name a few.

You can also find fresh food, art and nightlife scenes. Spend the mornings at one of the many farmer’s markets, contemporary art exhibitions and tours around the city.

Top Entertainment

There is more to Washington DC than politics and business, the nightlife and entertainment in this city are phenomenal. From a vast range of restaurants and bars to shows and activities, Washington DC has a different atmosphere and life at night.

You can do things that you didn’t even think, with some of the most popular shows being at The Magic Duel – a Magician Comedy Club. You can also enjoy a thriving live music scene, from tremendous performances to smaller gatherings, Washington DC provides music for every taste.

Top Tips for Travelling to Washington DC

Visit the Whitehouse

Most people are happy to stand and pose for photos outside one of the world’s most famous buildings. But if you want the chance to go inside, you’ll have 6000 other people to contend with on the day you want to visit.

To guarantee access, you will need to submit a request to a member of Congress at least 21 days before you intend to visit Washington DC. For people that are not US citizens, you need to get your request approved at your Embassy.

As soon as you know your dates for going to Washington DC, start the process to guarantee your appointment with the Whitehouse.

Take A Guided Tour

Washington, DC is easy to navigate, but if you travel during the summer, be warned, it gets hot and crowded. Book a guided tour to stay cool, see all the sites, learn the facts, and enjoy a relaxing way to go sightseeing.

If you visit in spring, the temperatures aren’t as hot and humid, there aren’t as many people, and you get to see Washington DC’s cherry blossoms – which are spectacular.

Washington DC Is Bigger Than You Think

If you’re visiting DC and want to see the monuments, you’ll make a trip to the Mall. Have you ever noticed in the movies how quickly they get around. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Mall is no larger than a few blocks. It is over 2 miles (3.2km) from one end to the other.