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Venice, italy

The Wonders of Venice

Venice is an Italian city known worldwide for its captivating scenery and beautiful canals. The city located across 120 islands is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world. Its exquisite architectural designs, rich history, and contribution to art make Venice one of the most outstanding cities globally. Arrive by air with Admiral Jet at Venice airport, we can arrange VIP ground transportation to your onward accomodation.


Originally named “Venice lagoon,” Venice was established at the beginning of the 5th century and grew to become the most powerful maritime republic state in Italy. It was one of the epicenters during the Renaissance period, and it contributed hugely to the reemergence of Europe’s artistic skill. The city faced a severe economic and social crisis in the late 18th century following the downfall of the Venetian Republic. Today, Venice is a rapidly developing city, offering a mixture of history and modernity.

The Canals

The Canals network that runs through centuries-old buildings is unique in the city. The canals connect approximately 120 islands with more than 400 bridges. Canal rides are often a preferred way of transportation, with the fastest and easiest way being the Vaporetto Water Bus.

 Saint Mark’s Basilica

It is a religious monument for over 1,000 years and an excellent example of Venice’s architectural genius. The church was designed in the 11th century with mastertouch artists; it is considered the “jewel of the lagoon.” Visitors can explore the stunning interior, which features intricate mosaics, Byzantine design, and authentic historical objects such as St. Mark’s statue atop the basilica’s dome.

The Rialto Bridge

Another must-see tourist attraction that is one of Venice’s oldest and best-known landmarks. The bridge overlooks the Grand Canal and is an architectural marvel of the Renaissance period. The design is made up of stone and marble and is adorned with several shops making it an ideal tourist hub for shopping and taking photos. Visitors can climb to the top and enjoy the panoramic view of Venice’s landscape.

Venice is a city with a rich and interesting history that tourists should witness. Its art, culture, and architectural excellence make it a must-visit tourist destination for travelers. The Venetian Canals, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Rialto Bridge make Venice stand out and a memorable travel destination. Exploring the wonders of the city is an experience worth having, an experience that one can only find in the magical city of Venice.