Private Jet Flights to and from The Bahamas

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a group of 16 main islands and a myriad of islets and cays, scattered across 97,000 square miles (250,000 sq km) of pure aquamarine sea. Having a population of just 390,000 people, much of The Bahamas is untouched, creating a balance between nature and modern convenience. The stunning wildlife and natural habitats include the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world.

Private Charter Flights to The Bahamas

Flying by Privat Jet to The Bahamas with Admiral Jet means that you can plan your trip to any of the islands with little-to-no hassle. In addition, 26 airports cater to private flights scattered across the islands and islets, with the busiest (and best located) being:

  • Lynden Pindling Internation Airport is located near Nassau’s capital city, a short 13-minute drive across New Providence island.
  • Leonard Thompson Airport – gets you on Abaco islands to visit the famous mangrove forests.
  • Andros Island (the largest of The Bahamas) has three airports – each one gives you access to different areas of the 2300 square mile (5,957 km²) island.

When you fly with Admiral Jet, we do the planning for you, so all you have to do is turn up for your flight at your nearest airport, 15-minutes before take-off.

The Swimming Pigs of Exuma

In The Bahamas, you can, of course, go swimming with dolphins, but swimming with pigs is a much more fantastic experience. The world-famous swimming pigs can be experienced by taking a boat to Big Major Cay (or Pig Island). Once you get close enough, the pigs will swim out to your boat to greet you. The island itself is uninhabited by humans, but that does not stop the pigs from being friendly hosts.

History Of Pirates

What would a trip to The Bahamas be without discovering the rich and dangerous history of the 1600-1700s piracy. With bounty including gold, salt, and other riches, piracy was a booming economy for the Bahamas.

Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum, which shares the history of being an 18th-century pirate base – including exploring the replica pirate ship, Revenge. Immerse yourself in the life and culture of days of old during the interactive and animatronic exhibits.

Fantastic Scuba Diving And Snorkelling

Ever wanted to snorkel or scuba dive in the warm, clear waters of the tropics? The Bahamas is one of the top choices for visitors with diving aspirations. There’s the 3rd largest barrier reef full of interesting wildlife and ecosystems as well as Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the Andros blue holes, The Conception Island Wall in Long Island, and The Henry Ford Wreck in the Biminis.

Delicious Conch Dishes & Other Seafood

To truly experience the culture of The Bahamas, do as the locals do and sample the cuisine that is heavily influenced by Europe, Asia, and South America. Try traditional staples like conch and the freshest seafood you’ll ever find. Let’s not forget that Johnny Cakes, baked crap and rock lobster should also be on your menu too.

Junkanoo Festival

Are you thinking of travelling to The Bahamas for Christmas and New Years? Then you’ll be in time for the biggest festival on the Bahamian calendar, Junkanoo. Similar to Carnival, Junkanoo has lots of music, dancing, parties, traditional dress, parades and more. It’s recommended that you book your accommodation and transport early, as they all get fully booked and you don’t want to miss out!

Top Tips for Visiting The Bahamas

The Money

The Bahamas have their own currency, the Bahamian Dollar; however, as it’s on par with the US dollar, you’ll find that the latter is accepted everywhere you go.

Haggle Away

The islanders laid back reputation may be true in most things you experience in The Bahamas, but not at the markets, where you have to get used to bartering to get a bargain.

Visa requirements

If you’re a British citizen, you don’t need a visa to stay in The Bahamas for up to three months. So you can feel easy when booking that private charter flight with Admiral Jet for a last-minute trip!