Private Jet Flights to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico

The largest city in Puerto Rico, and the capital of the country is San Juan. You’ll find San Juan on the island’s Atlantic coast where you’ll discover the Isla Verde resort beach, bars, nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants.

Throughout the city, you’ll come across streets adorned with cobblestones, a fiesta of colourful Spanish colonial buildings and impressive historic landmarks such as El Morro and La Fortaleza. All of this is combined with sweeping ocean views, vibrant culture, and warm Caribbean sun.

Private Charter Flights to San Juan with Admiral Jet

You can fly to San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport which is a mere 11 minutes drive from downtown Peurto Rico. The airport is the busiest in the Caribbean, serving 4.4 million passengers a year. But when you book your private charter aircraft with Admiral Jet, you never have to worry about queues. You can literally land at the airport, drop your suitcase off at the hotel and be on the beach in the matter of minutes.

Explore Old San Juan

The city is almost 200km² (around 70 square miles) and is broken up into distinct neighbourhoods. One of the most popular for tourists is the stunning Old San Juan.

The slightly hilly neighbourhood still has the original streets and buildings that have stood there since the city was founded in 1521. It’s easy to explore and you’ll find beautiful architecture, plenty of bright colours, lively plazas, stunning ocean views, and a quaint charm full of life.

When Puerto Rico was colonised by the Spanish in the early 1500s, they built forts to protect the innumerable number of treasures that they found along the way. There are two popular forts in Old San Juan:

  1. Castillo San Felipe del Morro
  2. Castillo San Cristóbal

These forts are popular for tours, discovering the history and for their views. San Juan’s Forts are also classed as National Parks in the US.

Check out Condado

Visting the popular neighbourhood of Condado, you’ll find fabulous art deco architecture, high-end fashion stores, and restaurants that line Ashford Avenue. Condado has a fun, trendy vibe and is popular for iconic beachfront resorts like La Cocha, its exciting nightlife, and generally good atmosphere.

Indulge in Delicious Puerto Rican Food and Rum

Puerto Rican food is a mixture of Spanish, African and native Taíno, which gives it a unique blend of spices (not hot spices though). Some of the most popular dishes that can be found here include:

  • Mofongo (mashed plantains and delicious stew)
  • Lechón (slow roasted pork)
  • Sancocho (Beef Stew)
  • Arroz con Pollo
  • And a vast range of seafood (would you be in the Caribbean without seafood?)

As with a lot of Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico has produced high-quality rum since the 16th century. When you take a trip to a bar, be sure to have a cocktail or two to celebrate this national drink.

Hit The Beach

Everywhere you go on this beautiful island will take you to a stunning beach. From Playa Peña to trendy Condado Beach, there’s always a way for you to relax in the sun (or sea).

Enjoy the shimmering and welcoming azure sea whilst on a boat or take a dive to explore beneath the surface. Or simply take a book and enjoy being out in the sun, relaxing the day away.

Top Tips for Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico

Seek Out San Juan’s Street Art

Throughout the city, your eye will gaze over some extraordinary street art. Be sure to spend some time drinking in the murals to get a deeper understanding of the culture and political issues the territory has faced.

The Island is an Unincorporated Territory of the USA

Although the people who live on the island answer to the US Federal Government, they are not allowed to vote – this has helped the island remain independent for the most part. They also use the US dollar as their currency.

The Best Time to Visit

From October – April, the island is full of visitors, if you visit between May and June, it tends to be quieter, and July and August are the “Wet Season” – but even then, it’s not every day that it rains.

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