Private Jet Flights to and from St Lucia

private jet to St. Lucia

First settled in the 1660s, St. Lucia is the perfect blend of European and Caribbean cultures. Coupled with stunning mountainous landscapes, breathtaking sea views, immaculate beaches, and a tropical climate, St. Lucia is a picture-perfect paradise and a fantastic escape for some much-needed winter sun.

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What can you do in St Lucia?

See the Pitons

The twin volcanic peaks of Pitons are a UNESCO world heritage site that many consider one of the island’s most beautiful sites.

You’ll be able to spend time hiking and exploring each peak, or you can take a helicopter or boat tour for a different perspective. To get the best views, though, head to Soufriere or Sugar Beach.

Visit Pigeon Island

This beautiful small island was once inhabited by pirates who would raid passing ships. The lush, tropical landscape provides an intimate canopy to hide from the world.

Dotted throughout the island are historical points of interest, such as the abandoned military fort, which still stands today. The tiny island has also developed a mini-culture of its own – with a lovely jungle restaurant, beach vibes, and plenty of fun (or relaxation) to be had.

Stroll through the Tet Paul Nature Trail

If you’re bored of wiling away your time on the southern beaches of St. Lucia, then head to the community-led Tet Paul Nature Trail.

This 45-minute stroll will show you some of the best views St. Lucia has to offer, and you can also explore (and sample food) at the organic farm, meet locals, and have a more immersive experience.

Where to Stay in St Lucia?

For A Hillside Retreat: Ti Kaye

This collection of Creole-style bungalows is surrounded by shady gardens and is perfect for escaping the heat of the tropical sun. Ti Kaye is ideal for couples looking to escape and have a peaceful time away from everyday life and is a honeymoon paradise. With plunge pools and elegance, you’ll never want to leave.

For the Social Trip: Coconut Bay

Set on 85-acres of well-maintained grounds, Coconut Bay is divided into family-friends and adults-only. There’s plenty of entertainment, a pool, and water sports available. If you’re the friendly and more active type of traveller, this is the place for you.

For Nature: Fond Doux Plantation

This working plantation offers seclusion, serenity, and privacy. Having 17 cottages with between 1 and 2 bedrooms across 135-acres of land, you could have access to a private pool as well as surround yourself with flowering fruit trees and mature gardens. In addition, there are two restaurants to choose from onsite, a spa, and even chocolate tours.

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