Private Jet Flights to and from Bali

Take a private jet to Bali.  Bali is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The romantic tropical setting is perfect for couples and adventurers alike.  The natural beauty, rich culture, and intriguing history give visitors a unique experience every time they visit the island. From paddy fields and mountain villages to beaches and temples – you’ll be captivated by the essence of Bali.

What can you do in Bali?

From adventures to relaxation, or shopping and dining out, you’ll find all you need and want when you visit Bali by private jet. This is all about your experience, and you’ll find a whole list of activities that excite, engage, and entertain you.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace at Ubud, Bali

If you’re seeking peace and tranquillity, the first destination in Bali has to be the Tegalalang Rice Terraces just north of Ubud. This valley of rice paddies provides jaw-dropping views and is the perfect place to wander around. The multiple levels of the rice paddies give you a different experience – you can even swing whilst overlooking the valley.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

A visit to the Sekumpul Waterfalls will take you away from the beaten track, but the short 40-minute hike is worth every step! This hidden gem is simply magical, especially when the sun hits the misty spray just right.

Monkey Forest in Ubud

Keeping towards the north of the island, the monkey forest is a fantastic place to see monkeys roam free. The vast rainforest offers a beautiful and peaceful walk. At some locations, you’ll see groups of monkeys just lying around, but these naughty beauties will definitely keep you smiling.

Best beaches in Bali?

A tropical island paradise wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some beautiful white sandy beaches, rugged coastal paths, and the surfer’s paradise.

Surfing in Bali

No matter your skill level, or even if you’ve never been surfing, part of the experience of Bali is hitting the waves. If you’re a beginner, the waves are smaller in Kuta, but for more experienced surfer’s, you’ll want to hit Uluwatu or Canggu. Then, just grab a surfboard and head to the beach.

Kelingking Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida gives you some mind-blowing views of the crystal azure sea and cliffs that inhabit this tiny island. Just a short boat ride from Sanur harbour, the secluded beaches and impressive coastal walks will make you feel genuinely welcome to this remote island paradise.

Explore the Gili Islands

The Gili islands are technically not part of Bali, but it just has to be on your Bali travel itinerary. The car-less island is a fantastic place to relax and unwind with white sand, turquoise water, and using bikes as your transportation. Then, when you’re done with topping up your tan, play in the sea and go snorkelling with turtles. It’s a beautiful place, and the people are friendly.

Diamond Beach

Dubbed by some as the most beautiful place in Bali, Diamond Beach is a palm tree-fringed spot at the foot of a giant limestone cliff. The sea almost glows because of how clear the water is. So if you’re looking to add some sparkle to your getaway, then this is the place for you.

Where to Stay when you take a private jet to Bali?

For Adults Only: The Bale

The Bale is a beautiful adult-only luxury hotel with a range of large villas and boasting private pools, a walled garden, massive bathrooms and a contemporary interior. You’ll find you can relax and unwind with the outdoor pool and spa and bar and restaurant facilities on site too. This is perfect for a romantic stay when you fly by private jet to Bali.

For the Beach: Matahari Beach Resort

Made up of traditional bungalows, the Matahari Beach Resort offers access to a private beach. You’ll have access to fantastic spa facilities, massages, gourmet restaurants and more. This is ideal for beach lovers and couples escapes.

For total Escape: Blue Karma Nestling Escape

Located just outside of the centre of Ubud, Blu Karma Nestling Escape boasts 15 luxury suites combining traditional Indonesian architecture with all the modern comforts you could need. Offering visitors stunning views over the lush tropical gardens and excellent food, you’ll never want to leave.

Why fly to Bali by private jet with Admiral Jet?

Admiral Jet takes the hassle out of booking your private charter flights to Bali. All you need to do is contact our team and tell us your preferred dates and times; we’ll handle the rest. For reliable, round-the-clock service, our team are here for you at every step of your journey.