Private Jet Flights to and from Morocco

The north African country of Morocco borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Berber, Arabian and European cultures heavily influence the country; you’ll find thrilling history, captivating geography, and adventure in the desert, sea, mountains, or flatlands. The Souks (marketplace) will help you develop your negotiation skills, and there’s so much to do, you’ll be hard pressed to find where to begin.

Flying to Morocco with Admiral Jet Private Aircraft

There are two main airports that you should choose to fly into when flying by Private Jet to Morocco. The first is Marrakech Menara Airport which is just a 10-minute drive from the centre of the city. You’ll find the airport has a private aviation section complete with its own VIP lounge and conference rooms.

The next airport that you should consider is Casablanca Airport. This is the busiest private aircraft gateway into Morocco as the city is the country’s financial capital. In addition, it’s located just 20 miles (32 km) from the city.

Whichever you choose, book your private charter flight to Morocco with Admiral Jet, and we’ll take all the stress and hassle away, so all you have to do is pack your bag and arrive at your chosen airport in time for take-off.

Spend the night in the desert

Spending the night in the Sahara Desert is one of the top-rated activities you can do whilst in Morocco. Imagine a few magical nights spent under the stars in one of the most famous landscapes on the planet.

Go on a camel safari, hot air balloon ride, or 4×4 experiences to make the most of your desert experience. Once you see the sunrise and sunset over the dunes, you’ll be transported to a mystical world that inspired so many stories.

Go Surfing at the Coast

Once you’ve finished your tour of the desert, head over to the coast, and spend some time soaking up the sun in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you’ll be able to continue the adventure and enjoy the waves in this surfer’s paradise. Being known worldwide for some of the longest rides, there’s plenty of beaches where families can enjoy kite surfing. The best time of year for surfing is between September and April.

Perfect Your Haggling Skills in the Souks

If you’re visiting a city like Fez, Marrakesh, or Meknes, spend time exploring the maze-like souks that are rich in scents, smells, and dazzling colours. You’ll find the souks at the heart of each city’s historic district (medinas), and you’ll discover Aladdin’s lamps, rich tapestries, raw spices, hand-coloured fabrics, exquisite leather craftsmanship, and more. Naturally, this is where you should come to buy your souvenirs, but don’t be afraid to haggle down to the lowest price possible.

Visit Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque

You’ll discover beautiful Mosques, stunning architecture, and impressive landmarks throughout Morocco, but the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is impressive. The tallest Mosque in Morocco, with the tallest minaret (tower) in the world – this is part of the lasting legacy of King Hassan II and was completed in 1993. Since then, non-Muslims have taken tours of the building that took over 10,000 artisan craftsmen to build.

Top Tips for Visiting Morocco

Fridays Are Holy Days

Most shops, restaurants and attractions can be closed on Fridays to accommodate for the holy day. However, some places will be open, but it’s best to plan ahead if your trip includes a Friday.

The Food

Morocco has always been an essential country for exchange, and it’s reflected in the cuisine. You’ll find the food has rich aromatic spice blends, tender meats, and plenty of couscous.

When to go to Morocco

For warm and pleasant weather, head to Morocco between March-May and September – October. For skiing and snow adventures, November to February is the best time to go. However, between June and August, the hot, dry desert heat can be overwhelming for some.