Private Jet Flights to and from Milan

The metropolis that is Milan can be found in the northern Lombardy region of Italy. Known as the fashion and design capital of the world, Milan is also home to Italy’s stock exchange and is the economic and business centre, and is well-known for its high-end restaurants and shops. Whether you’re looking to escape for the weekend, attend conferences, events, or meetings, Milan is a destination you’ll want to visit.

Fly Private Jet to Milan

The best airport to fly into in Milan is Milan Linate Airport – just 8km (5miles) from the city centre and operates 24 hours a day. As you can fly from anywhere to any airport you wish with Admiral Jet, our range of aircraft can also take you to Milan Malpensa Airport to access the west side of the city.

Popular events in Milan

Being the economy and business district of Italy, Milan has many conferences held year-round across all sectors from finance to media. One of the largest furniture design exhibitions, Salone Internazionale del Mobil, attracts over 370,000 visitors. Milan is also the leading music, art, fashion, and sports destination in the world. Milan Fashion Week is one of the most coveted events on the calendar, bringing in over 20,000 high-profile visitors.

Shopping in Milan

Reaching the fashion capital by private jet sees many weekend visitors arrive to shop for the latest and hottest trends in fashion. A private jet means you don’t have to waste hours at the airport and can beat the queues to get your weekend off to an incredible start.

Via Monte Napoleone is considered one of the most luxurious shopping streets in the world. Here you can find your big names, Gucci, Armani, D&G, to name a few – all located in the famous Quadrilatero Della Moda shopping district.

Delightful Lakes

This urban city with gothic architecture is a stone’s throw from one of the most stunning lakes in Italy, Lake Como. During the spring and summer months, this spectacular area comes to life and is the place to be for relaxation and immersing yourself in nature. Many people own a second home here, and there are luxury villas and retreats along the shore.

Top Tips for Visiting Milan

More Than Pizza and Pasta

The food in Milan is unique a sublime. Unlike the regions of Italy to the south, where they favour olive oil and carbs, here you’ll find rich and creamy risottos, plenty of succulent meat, and signature cocktails to pair your meals with.

Business hours

Despite being a modern metropolis, the business hours can be pretty old-fashioned. Many of the stores will close for lunchtime and will be closed all day on Sundays. Restaurants and bars open quite late as it’s not unusual to eat dinner past 9 pm.

The Green Oasis in A Sea of Concrete

Milan is a vibrant city, but you can find luscious parks that are picture-perfect picnic spots, perfect for the warm sunny climate. Visit any one of the stunning parks in Milan, and you’ll be able to listen to the babbling brooks, birdsongs and see (and smell) the flowers.