Private Jet Flights to and from Menorca

Menorca is a popular destination in the Mediterranean Sea. Part of the Balearic Islands, alongside Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera and Cabrera, Menorca has endless beaches, pine trees, and a dramatic coastline where you can discover something new every day. The capital city of Mahon is on a bluff, overlooking the second largest harbour in the world. Here you’ll find Georgian mansions, 13th-century architecture, and colourful, winding streets littered with cafes and restaurants.

Private Charter Flights to Menorca with Admiral Jet

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Menorca Airport (MAH) is on the southeast side of the island. Accepting aircraft of all sizes, Menorca Airport has lounges, concierge services, and 40 minutes from Menorca City.

220km (137miles) of Coastline

Menorca boasts 220km of dramatic coastline, with 180km (112 miles) being beaches. Being a beach-lovers paradise, Menorca is known for its peace and quiet as you sun yourself on the fine sands of the beach. Enjoy the crystal clear waters or find the hidden and remote stretches of sand to really get away from any hustle and bustle.

A Sea Adventure

Whether you’re looking to relax or taste the wilder side of life, Menorca offers a range of activities that will take you into the warm, turquoise sea. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, then paddle along the coastline in a kayak and investigate stops along the way.

Discover the infamous Cuevas del Drach (Dragons Cave), which gets its name from the sound of the water rumbling against the cave walls. It can be dark in the cave but a highlight of the trip.

Is going beneath the waves more your thing?

There’s plenty of coves that are perfect for snorkelling. You can also go deeper and faster underwater with a scooter, removing the need for you to kick your legs – so you can spend longer under the water.

Walk The Old Town Streets of Ciutadella, Menorca

Whilst you’re in Menorca, take a day to enjoy the old town of Ciutadella. The incredible limestone architecture – including cathedrals, palaces, little squares – is influenced by the past rulers of this island.

Bask in the colourful streets and stumble upon the hidden treasures that this city has to offer. Steeped in history, this ancient and former capital of Menorca will give you insight into how people lived in the past.

Enjoy Local Food and Wine at Bodega Binifadet

Spend the afternoon basking in the warm sun and enjoy the wines and local cheeses found at Bodega Binifadet – the largest winery in Menorca. Nestled among the vineyards, this rustic winery and restaurant will provide you with a fantastic experience right through the sunset.

Top Tips for Visiting Menorca

It’s a protected Biosphere Reserve

Menorca is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and has been that way since 1993. The island is populated by a stunning array of fauna and flora, and the topography contrasts from beautiful sandy beaches and coves to valleys, caves, wetlands, woodlands, and sand dunes.

It’s a treasure trove of monoliths

If you’re a history buff or enjoy ancient history, then Menorca’s 1500 megalithic sites should keep you engaged. Learn the architectural and cultural history of the island’s old-world, including villages, burial sites, and the necropolis carved out of rocks.

All Menorcan’s are at least bilingual

Having such an exciting and diverse history, Menorca residents speak at least two languages – Castilian (mainland Spanish) with English or German.

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