Private Jet from Manchester

Manchester is known as the ‘Powerhouse of the North’ and has gained global importance in recent years. Located to the North-West of England, Manchester is a vibrant city with a rich culture and proud heritage. Economically, Manchester is the headquarters of hundreds of different companies, including Adidas, The Co-operative Group, Etihad Airways, and Kellog’s.

Take a Private Jet from Manchester

Flying by private jet from Manchester couldn’t be easier.  The airport has its own private jet centre with a dedicated VIP facility.  This is where you will arrive to take your private flight.  There are parking facilities right by the terminal, a luxury lounge and everything you will need before you fly is on hand in the private terminal.  You will only need to arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your take-off time.  You don’t need to spend hours waiting for the flight as you would if you were flying on a scheduled flight.

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Take a Private Jet to Manchester With Admiral Jet

Manchester is almost 4 hours drive away from London, and to get there; you’ll need to drive through various other cities. On the other hand, you can fly there from London in less than an hour and get there in luxury, and at a time that’s convenient for you by chartering a private jet. Manchester dedicated FBO facility is specifically designed to receive and cater for private charter jet passengers. It’s also located close to the city centre, meaning that you’ll spend less time travelling and more time attending meetings, conferences, or enjoying a weekend break.

Stunning and Modern Corporate Events

There’s plenty of events venues to choose from around Manchester; each one can cater to small, intimate meeting rooms, or large exhibitions. All of the event venues have excellent transport links and fantastic tourism and cultural activities for the attendees. Unlike sprawling London, many of Manchester city centre’s attractions are accessible on foot, meaning that restaurants, organised evenings out, and every corner of the city are just a few paces away.

Popular industry events that take place within the city include:

  • Tourism
  • Education and Training
  • Career Development
  • Technology
  • Marketing

From Fine Dining To Street Food

Manchester has a vast and varied option for dining. And has a reputation for catering to all specific dietary needs, from vegan to lactose intolerance, Manchester will give you plenty of dining out choices. You can find some of the best restaurants near the heart of the city. There is the laid-back dining in the Corn Exchange, and the American-influenced restaurants of the Northern Quarter. Manchester also has it’s first Michelin starred restaurant in Mana – a modern restaurant with a nordic twist.

A Fun And Bustling Night Life

On top of the usual trendy bars and restaurants, Manchester has a different night scene than most cities in the UK. There is Ping Pong, Crazy Golf, theatre, comedy, thriving Drag Queen Shows, night tours, and so much more! Manchester really comes to life at night, and the best part is that these activities are year-round.

Top Tips For Visiting Manchester

Football Fans Rejoice

Manchester is home to two of the most widely known teams in football history – Manchester United, and Manchester City F.C. Visit the grounds of these footballing legends or visit the football museum in the heart of the city centre.

Culture and History

Take a tour of John Rylands Library, a gigantic gothic building that’s steeped in history and is pivotal in Manchester’s development.

Popular TV Filming Locations

Manchester is home to both Granada TV Studios and BBC North Division. Because of these two TV juggernauts, Manchester has some incredible filming locations that are worth a visit.