Private Jet Flights to and from Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, also known as the city of Angels, is a sprawling city and melting pot of cultures, religions, and diverse races, located in Sothern California. LA is famous for being the home of the thriving movie and tv industries, with Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, and Paramount Pictures calling the city home. Take a Private Jet to Los Angeles.

Take a Private Jet to Los Angeles From Anywhere With Admiral Jet

Admiral Jet has your transport needs covered with private jet flights to Los Angeles. Book your flight time and location with us and we’ll handle the rest. All you need to do is decide how you spend all your extra free time.

LA has five major airports, LAX is the biggest in LA, but it’s also the busiest. It is difficult to find a spot to think, queues lasting forever, and then the crowds only continue to grow as you make your way to your gate for departure. There is a better way.

Van Nuys is an airport that caters specifically to private charter flights. It is much calmer, you receive better service, and it’s only 20 minutes from downtown LA. Serving the rich and famous for almost 120 years. Avoid the crowds and travel in style to Van Nuys Airport.

Home of The Rich and Famous – Private Jet to Los Angeles

The ‘City of Angels’ is home to the Hollywood elite, actors, directors, executives, and studios of the silver and small screen. So it stands to reason that you take some time to visit Hollywood, the studios, and Beverley Hills.

Hollywood is great for tourists, there is the walk of fame, museums, tours, you may even get lucky and attend a big-budget Movie Premier. Continuing the trend of media influenced tourism, you can take guided tours of famous landmarks, take a hike to the famous Hollywood sign, and visit the studios where all your favourite movies and TV are filmed.

Shopping Is Part of The Culture

Whether you’re seeking bespoke one-off pieces or high-end fashion boutiques, LA has plenty of opportunities for you to shop until you drop. Rodeo Drive is synonymous with high-end fashion and gives you plenty of opportunities to improve your wardrobe.

With that being said, LA has a lot of shopping malls, including the Beverly, the Grove, and Westfield Shopping Mall. In these malls, you’ll find high-street fashion brands, home and lifestyle brands and eateries galore.

Top Tips For Visiting LA

LA is in southern California, so it stands to reason that you expect the temperatures to always be mild, and as California is Golden State, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s always sunny. Throughout most of the year, the temperature can drop dramatically at night.

Los Angeles is wide

When you think of cities. You picture huge skyscrapers towering over you with a lot of activity happening in a very small space (think New York). Actually, LA is sprawled across more than 500 square miles. (almost twice as wide as New York). For that reason, it’s advised to check out maps and journey times for any activities you want to do beforehand.

Try the street food

LA is made up of lots of different cultures, and this has created a haven for foodies. You can find plenty of street food vendors around the city, offering up delectable food that you can eat whilst out and about. From hearty American food to delicious Mexican or even Asian food, you’re sure to find something you love.