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Fly to Jersey by Private Jet

Jersey by Private Jet. Where is Jersey?

Take a Private Jet to Jersey.  It is located 85 miles south of the English coast and just 14 miles from the French coast. It is the largest of the Channel Islands at 5 miles long and 9 miles wide. To put this into perspective, Jersey is around the same size as the entire city of Belfast and is a perfect destination to reach by private jet!

Does Jersey Have a Private Jet Airport?

Serving as an international gateway across Europe, the airport can be found on the west coast of the island. Jersey’s small size makes the airport location the perfect spot to access all amenities and towns, which are always only a short distance away.

The small island with a big heart. No matter where you are in Jersey, you are never more than 10 minutes away from the sea.

The best part about the location of Jersey? You can fly there within an hour from most UK airports, meaning you can finish work on a Friday afternoon and be having dinner overlooking the beautiful turquoise bays and coastline vistas.

Not sure what sort of break to have?

Maybe you want to relax by the sea, take a coastal walk, and soak up the sun? Perhaps you want to explore a vibrant and fun nightlife scene of a city break? Or maybe a visit to the countryside, change of pace and spend some time in lush green rolling hills?

Jersey offers all the above, continue reading to find out why Jersey is the ideal location for your next private jet trip with us.

This is Jersey

Shaped by some of the largest ranges in tidal activity in the world, Jersey can almost double in size whilst the tide is out, creating an eerie moon-like backdrop of rocks and crevices. In the blink of an eye, the sea is back, creating an idyllic island paradise that boasts stunning coastal and countryside views.

Escape the rain! The island’s climate is milder than the South of England and often sunnier and drier too!

What is Jersey Famous For?

Jersey is famous for potatoes, wool and cows, to name a few. The Jersey Royal potatoes can only be grown here. The unique landscape and rich biodiversity are perfect for creating the buttery potatoes.

Once upon a time, Jersey was famous for its production of wool and even today you can buy “Jerseys” (can you see what I did there?) from the finest material.

The famous Jersey cow is the second most popular breed of dairy cow in the world. Renowned for producing rich and creamy milk that is perfect for making delicious ice-cream.


The island of Jersey is steeped in history and has a rich and diverse culture. With two official languages, English and Jersey French, the Islanders also have a secret language called “Jèrriais”. This language helped the people of Jersey communicate in secret during WWII when the Germans occupied the territory. Evidence of this can be seen throughout the island in the form of Bunkers, war tunnels, and radio towers.

For the Love of Toads

The people of Guernsey have given the people of Jersey a nickname that has stuck with them through the ages: “Crapauds” (meaning toad in Jersey French).

This nickname came about because the island is the only one in the Channel Islands to have toads and locals pay homage to this with a commemorative statue at Charing Cross in St. Helier.

Take a Private Jet to Jersey – A Truly Unique Experience

Whatever your reason to travel to Jersey, booking with Admiral Jet will provide you with the standard of service that you deserve. Contact our team today to charter a private jet to the beautiful Jersey!