Private Jet Flights to and from Houston, Texas

“Everything is bigger in Texas”

The second-largest state in the US is 695,662 km² (268596.6 miles²). To put that into perspective, you can fit Ten European countries inside Texas simultaneously. With around 29 million people living in Texas, over 7 million of them live in Houston. Houston is a large metropolitan closely linked to the Space Centre Houston – NASA’s astronaut training and flight control. You can find plenty to do in this bustling city, which is a melting pot of different cultures and representative of 89 different nations. If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, get ready to board your Private Jet to Houston

Private Jet to Houston

William P. Hobby Airport is an international airport located just 7 miles from downtown Houston. Flying into this historic airport, which was opened in 1927, you’ll experience high-quality service and be able to reach your hotel in downtown Houston in under 20 minutes.

When you flyby Private Jet to Houston with Admiral Jet, we’ll do all the legwork, so you just need to turn up at least 15 minutes before your flight is due for take-off. We’ll make sure that your trip is planned around you.

Corporate Events in Houston

Houston is known as the world capital of space exploration, the world capital of air conditioning, the international energy industry’s world capital, and the world capital of petroleum exploration. Because of the ties to so many industries, there is no better location for corporate events, team building, and networking.

There are over 200 different events venues that you can attend around Houston. Some of them are enormous, hosting events for thousands of people, some are more suited for offering team building facilities. One extremely popular thing is the activities around events. Houston really does have it all, from trendy cocktail bars and restaurants to amusement parks and escape rooms. You’ll be sure to win over any business deals in Houston.

History, Nature, and Innovative Technology

Given the city’s global importance, it’s easy to understand why there are so many museums and art galleries. Remember, “everything is bigger in Texas”, and that is taken quite literally in Houston. Explore NASA’s Space Centre Houston, where you get to see how the technology has developed and get a behind-the-scenes look into the training and technical aspects of space travel. Houston’s long list of museums are educational and fun, the Museum of Natural Science, The Children’s Museum, and the Health Museum, to name just some of the incredible opportunities available in Houston.

Top Tips for Visiting Houston

Cultural Melting-Pot and Blended Cuisine

Food is always an essential aspect of visiting anywhere; in Houston, you can find yourself sampling cuisine from all over the world. Tex-Mex is undoubtedly a local favourite that gives you aromatic spices, hearty meals, and full flavoured food.

Best Time to Visit

Houston can get very hot in the summer, so to really enjoy Houston, you’re best visiting between February and April or September to November. Not only is the weather pleasant, but Houston also hosts many festivals during this time.

Best Rodeo Show

No trip to Texas is complete without a visit to a rodeo. And in Houston, there’s no better place to watch riders saddle up than the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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