Private Jet Flights to and from Gibraltar

Gibraltar is on the south coast of Spain where the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean sea. The British Overseas Territory has been a crucial outpost since 1713 and includes impressive architecture, caves, underground tunnels and the 426 metre high ‘Rock of Gibraltar.

Flying to Gibraltar with Admiral Jet

Gibraltar Airport is at the heart of the capital, only a 500-metre walk from the city centre. It’s also a gateway to the Costa del Sol and other Spanish regions, given its proximity to the Spanish border.

Being so close to the city centre means that you can almost immediately attend meetings, shop, or dine at any of the restaurants available.

When you book a private jet with Admiral jet, you don’t have to waste hours at the airport; just turn up 15-minutes before your flight is due to take off.

Visit Gibraltar Rock

The first thing that should be on your list when you visit Gibraltar is a trip to the top of Gibraltar Rock. The impressive limestone mountain can be seen from almost anywhere in Gibraltar, and your tickets include the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, St Michael’s Cave, and O’Hara’s Battery on the rock’s summit.

The Apes of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is home to the Barbary Macaques, which are monkeys usually found in North Africa. Believed to have called the Rock home for nearly 400 years, these monkeys are used to humans and associate humans with food.

Explore The Gibraltar War Tunnels

The Gibraltar War tunnels were fundamental in the Great Siege and during World War 2. Because of the historical significance, these tunnels are well worth a visit.

The Great Siege Tunnels

These tunnels were built in 1782 to help protect the headland from France and Spain. It took just 20 men, five weeks to create the tunnels used to place gun turrets along the tunnels.

The World War 2 Tunnels

During the Second World War, 34-miles of rock was excavated to provide the military space to store equipment. A hospital was also created, and there are beds, and models of nurses as part of your tour.

Be Amazed by The Gibraltar Caves

Staying underground, Gibraltar has a series of caves that includes the famous St. Michaels Cave. Here you’ll find yourself staring at the spectacular illuminations of the stalactites and helictites. The cave is said to have a quiet effect, and people come here from around the world to be alone with their thoughts.

Top Tips for Visiting Gibraltar

You Can Use Euros and Sterling in Gibraltar

It doesn’t matter where you go in Gibraltar; you can use the Gibraltar Pound (£) or standard pound sterling. Although the Euro is accepted here, it should be noted that the Euro exchange rate is weak, so either stock up before entering the city or stick with the pound.

When To Go to Gibraltar

The climate in Gibraltar is warm and (mostly) sunny year-round. This is because Gibraltar is the entrance to the Mediterranean sea, so expect hot and dry summers and warm winters. The best time to avoid Gibraltar is August when the temperature and visitor numbers can sky-rocket.

Gibraltar Food & Drink

The food in Gibraltar is primarily influenced by English cuisine, so expect hearty stews, fish and chips, traditional English breakfasts, and pies. There are a few Gibraltarian dishes, such as the  Calentita – a bread-like dish made with chickpea flour.

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