Private Jet Flights to and from Cuba

The Republic of Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. It also has the highest population among the famous islands, with over 11 million people calling Cuba home. Cuba has a vibrant culture, bursting with a diverse and rich mixture of African, American, and European influences. Cuban’s are proud of their culture and love to share their history with travellers.

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Cuba receives over 4 million tourists each year, and with over 30 airports, some of which are international commercial airports, such as José Martí International Airport in Havana, to smaller airfields nestled within deep valleys. Because of the variety of terrain that Cuba has, it may be best to fly to, and around the island to make the most of your stay. Book your private jet with Admiral Jet for relaxed travel at your convenience.

Nature in Cuba

From tranquil white sandy beaches, luscious green sub-tropical forests, to majestic mountains, Cuba has a diverse landscape that is ripe for discovery. Over 22% of the country is now classified as protected, with 211 protected areas (12 of which being national parks), Cuba is home to some of the most unique and varied species of animals, such as:

  • Manatees,
  • butterfly bats,
  • hummingbirds,
  • crocodiles,
  • boas,
  • iguanas,
  • Flamingos

History in Cuba

Since the days of Christopher Columbus, Cuba has had a tumultuous and exciting history. Discover Old Havanna and marvel at the stunning architecture and discover the Revolution from more recent history. Visit any city or town, Santiago de Cuba, Havana, Baracoa, Santa Clara, and you’ll see buildings and monuments detailing the interesting history of this beautiful country.

Culture in Cuba

Cuba’s two largest cities, Havana and Santiago de Cuba are always bustling with activity. Both cities act as hubs of Cuban culture, hosting several music shows, art exhibitions and other cultural events throughout the year. If you’re into Cuban dance and music, then visiting Havana and Santiago de Cuba is a must.

The Fire Festival in early July is a fantastic eight-day party that is a celebration of music, food, art, and traditions. New Year’s celebrations in Cuba involve colossal family and friend dinner parties, burning effigies, popular Son music, and celebrating all the hope and joy the new year will bring. Make sure that you celebrate any festival, Cuban style.

Cuban Cuisine

Coming from a diverse melting pot of different cultures, Cuban cuisine is unlike anywhere else. Expect plenty of meats, rice, rich aromatic sauces, spice’s, and flavours. Cuban cuisine is packed full of flavour, and the hearty meals are healthy, giving you plenty of energy for your stay on this beautiful island. Ropa Vieja is the national dish of Cuba, this blend of pulled beef and vegetables is spicy, so watch out and enjoy.

Top Tips for Visiting Cuba

Practice Your Spanish

Cuba is a Spanish-speaking country, and outside of the big cities, you may find communication a little tricky. To resolve this, take a Spanish dictionary with you and learn the language.

Cash Over Card

It is common practice in Cuba to pay for as much as you can in advance. The things that you do not, need to be paid in cash. You can get a tourist card for Cuba, but cash is the method most businesses use.

The Ideal Winter Sun Getaway

Cuba is a year-round destination, but late November to March is considered the “dry” season. The temperatures are also a lovely and warm 26℃, making Cuba the perfect winter escape.

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