Private Jet Flights to and from Bermuda

The British Island territory of Bermuda is renowned for its pink-sand beaches and coves such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. You’ll find a distinct blend of British and American cultures, particularly in the capital city of Hamilton. Building a reputation for the Bermuda Triangle, the area is famous for exploring shipwrecks, coastal lifestyles, and colourful architecture.

Flying Private Charter to Bermuda

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The private jet will take off from the most convenient location to you and fly directly to (and from) L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA). You’ll find the airport to the North East side of the island, making it accessible from anywhere within 35 minutes.

Relax At Some Amazing Beaches

If beaches are your go-to for relaxation, Bermuda isn’t short on them, you can visit Warwick Long Bay, Sinky Bay or Jobson’s Cove. However, Horseshoe Bay is perhaps one of the most prominent beaches in Bermuda. The idyllic beach is known for it’s curved shape, pink sands, and warm crystal-clear waters.

Once you’ve lounged around the beach all day, head over to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for uninterrupted views of the entire island.

Wander Through Front Street in Hamilton

Front Street is the main thoroughfare of the capital city, Hamilton. You’ll find multicoloured colonial style buildings and the sparkling harbour. This is such an iconic piece of Bermuda.

You’ll also find the high-end boutique shops, restaurants, and bistros, where you can while away the afternoon before watching the sunset for the evening. That’s when Front Street’s atmosphere springs to life. The road’s close to traffic and the street fills with dancers, food vendors, and music every night.

Explore Above and Below the Waves

Bermuda is surrounded by colourful and lively coral reefs, which make it the perfect spot for glass-bottom boat tours, diving, and watersports. You’ll find plenty of sightseeing cruises, including the sunset sails, where you can wine and dine as the sun sets over the tranquil ocean. Once romance is done, go whale watching or check out a deep-sea charter to bring a sense of adventure to your trip.

Bermuda is also a diver’s paradise, surrounding by reefs teaming with aquatic life, shipwrecks galore, and calm waters. There are more than 300 shipwrecks for you to explore and you can get up close and personal with sea turtles, angelfish, and rays.

Top Tips for Visiting Bermuda

You Can’t Rent Cars

Because of the size of the island, there’s only space for so many cars – instead you can rent bicycles or motorbikes to get around if you don’t want to rely on more public transportation.

There’s A Significant Expat Population in Bermuda

Bermuda draws in a lot of wealthy expats seeking a calmer pace of life. Because of this, you’ll be sure to find that Bermuda has an international feel.

The Currency

Bermuda uses the Bermuda Dollar, which (much like the Caribbean) trades the same rate as the US dollar.