Private Jet Flights to and from Barbados

Barbados is the 5th most visited country in the Caribbean Islands. Located towards the east of the Caribbean. The capital city of Bridgetown is a beautiful colonial port with stunning architecture and a 470-year-old synagogue. The island is full of beaches, national parks, botanical gardens and is a paradise that receives over 1 million tourists each year.

Flying to Barbados on a Private Jet with Admiral Jet

It takes 8 hours to fly between London and Barbados, which is around 4,208.07 mi (6,772.23 km). Barbados has one airport, Grantley Adams International Airport, which is located on the south coast of the island in Christ Church (about 8 miles (14 km) from Bridgetown).

The airport offers a range of services and packages for people travelling to Barbados. From luxury lounges to personalised transport, there is never a warmer welcome, than when you get to Barbados.

Water Sports

If you can bring yourself to leave the stunning beaches, head to the water. There are so many once in a lifetime experiences. You can swim with local turtles, explore the diverse coral reefs, go snorkelling, diving, or take part in a range of watersports. Feeling adventurous? There is kayaking, windsurfing, and kitesurfing—the perfect activities for those that like a bit of adrenaline to relax with.

Local Delights

The food in Barbados is sustenance for the soul. Fried chicken, rice and peas, flying fish, cou-cou, pepper pot. The food is a culinary marvel that will keep you wanting to come back again and again and, the views whilst you’re eating are the epitome of romantic.

Step Into The 18th Century

In the quaint port of Speightstown, you can enjoy the fully restored 18th Century building of Arlington House. Learn about life in Barbados and journey to the past with videos, interactive exhibitions and learn about local traditions, ties with the island’s sugar cane production and the slave trade. From here, stroll around Speightstown, soak in the atmosphere and the colonial buildings. There are rarely tourists here, so you get to see life as a local.

VIP on the West Coast

The west coast of Barbados is reserved for the rich and famous. The Platinum Coast is the ideal place to stay for that extra luxurious feel. Stay in the best hotels and villas, dine in world-famous restaurants and cafes, and shop until you drop at Lime Grove shopping centre. This home of the high-end brands also has several cafes, bars, and entertainment to choose from.

Top Tips

Island Time

If there is one thing you need to adjust to, it’s time. Bajans are laid back. It’s a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere but don’t set a time and expect others to be punctual. The infamous island time means you should not expect things to happen now! In fact, plan to have a delay in most things, food orders, tours. Instead of getting frustrated, plan a little, slow down, and enjoy your time.


The Bajan Dollar is the currency of Barbados. Unlike the Bahamian Dollar, which is maintained at the same level as the U.S. dollar, the Bajan Dollar gives more value for money.


UK rules apply in Barbados, yes, you can drive on the left. But if you’re not sure about where you’re going, you’ll find that Bajans are extremely friendly and will offer help to anyone.