Private Jet Flights to and from Austria

Austria is a country located in central Europe. This landlocked destination is bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Austria receives around 28 million visitors per year and is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world.

Private Jet to travel to Austria

Flying to Austria with Admiral Jet Private Jet and Helicopter will take you around 2 hours from London. It’s discreet and ensures a direct and quick travel experience at both airports and in the air. Austria has six airports. Each one equipped to accept private charter jet and helicopter passengers. The airports are:

  • Graz Airport
  • Innsbruck Airport
  • Klagenfurt Airport
  • Linz Airport
  • Salzberg Airport
  • Vienna Airport

So, no matter where in Austria you’re travelling to, an airport for you to fly into that is perfect for reaching your destination.

Austria’s Famous Landscape

Austria is made up of stunning mountain vistas, broad, wooded valleys, that make it a pathway that links much of Europe together. The cities, such as Vienna and Salzberg, are famous for their architecture, and history.

Pack for all-weather

The weather in Austria is as dramatic as it’s landscape. In the summer months, there are frequent thunderstorms, and in the winter, there is snowy peaks and icy terrain. This makes Austria the ideal location for skiing.

More than Skiing in Austria

Austria is a skiers paradise, with excellent slopes, the perfect type of snow, and huge resorts. You’ll be left wondering what else could you do in Austria. You could make the most of the stunning landscape, don your snowshoes and go for a hike. Or, if you prefer something a little more exciting, why not try night tobogganing?

Relax And Enjoy A Slower Pace Of Life

You’re in the mountains, it’s freezing, and there is a lot of snow around you. What better time to invest in some much needed R&R than now. There are plenty of hot spring spas for you to get that much-needed rest. Take in the stunning scenery as you bathe in mineral-rich hot springs.

Cities with a Different View

The more popular cities in Austria (Vienna, Salzberg, and Innsbruck) are fantastic blends of cultural, historical and natural wonders. The cities are built with the mountains in mind, so explore the snow-covered, picturesque streets, stroll through Christmas Markets (in December), and pay a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace.

Top Tips for visiting Austria

Nothing Beats the Comfort of Austrian Food

Austrian Food is delicious. It has elements you will expect from being located in such a magnificent area of Europe. From Schnitzels to European Breakfasts of bread and cheeses, there is something for everyone. With the country having such a diverse culture, each region has its own delicious staple for you to discover.

Romance in Austria

Austria is a romantic country that has an immense wealth of hotspots for couples to enjoy. From taking scenic walks, enjoying a winter picnic or just simply taking in the breathtaking views. Austria is a country that inspires love with anyone who visits.

Not Just for Couples

Austria is not just for couples. There is plenty for groups and families to enjoy. Away from the Ski slopes, there are plenty of activities for all the family and larger groups. From skiing to exploring, we know that Austria is a place you’ll hold in your heart for the rest of your life.

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