Private or Commercial flying ?

Summer is coming up, and it is shaping up to be a beautiful few months. You’re probably looking forward to going on holiday and enjoying yourself at some point, but before you book a flight, wait a minute.

There’s two ways that you can get to your destination – you can fly commercially or you can fly privately. We’re going to be comparing the two options to try and find out if there’s one choice which is preferable to the other.

The Woes of Commercial Flights

 Commercial airlines leave a lot to be desired. There’s something about spending hours in a small, compressed seat surrounded by other people and screaming kids, which just isn’t appealing. When you’re trying to kick back and enjoy a flight, it’s just… not happening.

And let’s not even start on the lines. It’s the middle of summer. Do you know how busy these airports are going to be? You’re not going to get on a plane in any quick time. There’ll be a lot of waiting around and going through checkpoints, and it’ll be an absolute nightmare. It’s going to be horrible for a lot of people. Now, we’re not trying to rail on the commercial airline industry by any means. We’re just telling it like it is.  They can be especially busy in the height of summer when people are all trying to get to their ideal holiday destination.

Private Jets – The Solution

 Let’s talk about private jets. They are the solution to your problem. Imagine for a second that the barriers you had in the way of a relaxing holiday experience were gone. In essence, that is what a private jet can offer. They give you the best. There’s nothing quite being on a private plane and feeling it fly ever higher into the sky while you sit back and recline in luxury. Seriously, it’s a fantastic feeling.

Here’s the cool part – we offer luxury from start to finish. There are no massive lines, to begin with. You can arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before take-off, and the standard procedures that get you on board? They’ve been put in place just for you. Plus, you can have a selection of drinks and snacks to make the occasion extra special. And if you want, there’s also in-flight entertainment and a variety of other options to ensure maximum enjoyment.

To summarise, the evidence for taking a private jet instead of a commercial flight is considerable. The summer is peak travel time, and this will impact the speed with which you can move through the airport and secure your seat on the plane. Furthermore, the overall experience of commercial flights lacks an absolute luxury which appeals to many. We remain convinced that private hire is the logical choice. It is more efficient, saves time during pre-flight rituals, and gives the flier more luxury than most airlines. You would be wise to assess all of the options for private flights, and we remain ready to assist you in making the correct choice.