What can I Eat and Drink on a Private Jet?

So you have chosen to book a private jet with Admiral Jet, you may be a regular flyer or this may be a special treat you’ve decided to take with your loved ones! Perhaps you are travelling to a meeting or are taking a much-needed holiday.

You are probably thinking about what you can eat and drink, let us look at your options because we think you will be pleasantly surprised with what you can look forward to on board.

When you book a flight with Admiral Jet you will be taken care of by your appointed Personal Account Manager whose main purpose is to ensure you have a fantastic service which is bespoke to your needs. They will talk to you about your catering preferences and any dietary requirements you may have when you initially book.

As I’m sure you can imagine, private jet catering is of exceptional high quality and standard VIP catering is included in the price of your flight.

Here we run through some common questions surrounding food and drink provided on your flight:

I have a specific dietary requirement so what food will be available?

Your Personal Account Manager will ensure all dietary requirements are accommodated. They will ask you specifically what you would prefer to eat whilst on board but we are able to provide meat-free, gluten free and vegan menus.

What food will be available on a short flight?

There will always be a range of high-quality snacks including salad, fruit, sandwiches and pastries available on your flight.

We are celebrating a special occasion what can you offer?

Depending on the occasion we can provide birthday cakes, food from your favourite restaurant or a bottle of your favourite bubbly! Just ask your Personal Account Manager what you would like, and they will make the arrangements for you.

How are the dishes prepared?

In most cases the dishes are prepared in advance, taking into account any possible allergies or preferences (halal, kosher, vegan etc) you may have. Your meals will then be passed to the FBO, where they will be stored before being taken to the aircraft where they will be assembled and served to the passengers.

What can I drink onboard?

You will always find a range of soft drinks, teas and coffees along with sparkling wine and champagne. If you have a favourite tipple, then your Personal Account Manager can ensure this is ready and waiting for you to enjoy on board.

Can I have food from my favourite restaurant?

Yes you can enjoy this on board! As long as we have enough notice, then your Personal Account Manager can arrange your favourite meal from your chosen restaurant.

The team at Admiral Jet are here to ensure you enjoy a fantastic service and over the years we have had all types of requests! We can fulfil most special requests and given enough notice we are even able to supply some of your favourite foods from your chosen choice of restaurant, supply celebration cakes and offer your favourite drinks.

Get in contact with the team today to discuss any upcoming travel plans you may have!