The Top Travel Destinations - As Voted by Our Team

A private jet is one way for people to travel. They can use it as a vehicle to visit places they’ve never been to before, and it gives them the scope to see some incredible things. So something that we’ve always wondered is this.  Where do people like to go most of all? What’s an ideal holiday destination?

So with that in mind, we asked some of our team where they’d go if they had the chance. We’ve collected together a few different opinions here, to try and give you a better understanding of where some of the best destinations are in the world.

New York, New York

 It looks like Frank Sinatra didn’t sing about the Big Apple for a giggle! New York was one place that was heavily voted for by our team. There’s a lot to appreciate about this location, and it’s easy to see why people would want to go there for a holiday.

Whether you’re looking to catch a Broadway play or visit a jazz lounge, there’s something here for those who appreciate the fine arts. Alternatively, the sheer number of shops, tourist attractions and places to visit means that New York City provides people with more than one way to spend a few days. You might even have to go twice to check everything out!


 A lot of the team spoke about a slew of different locations in Europe, so we thought that we would cover it as a general location to make things a bit easier. Europe is a beautiful place to visit, with so many incredible countries all gathered close to each other, allowing for fast travel between them.

So if you want to explore Venice, or hop over to the French countryside, Europe is the place to be. There are so many different places to go and explore that it becomes easy to get out there and enjoy yourself.

New Zealand

 So, what can we say about New Zealand? It’s a pretty incredible place. It’s home to the Lord of the Rings films, and being an overall lovely destination to visit meant that our staff were keen to throw it into the mix for you.

Whether you’re looking to visit some of those iconic locations, or you want to tour the countryside and explore all that’s on offer, or you just fancy kicking back in somewhere like Christchurch, there’s a lot that you can do and appreciate. Plus, the majority of people in New Zealand are known for being incredibly friendly.

Overall, these are just some of the different places that we’ve decided among ourselves would be incredible tourist destinations. The focus for us has always been on making sure you get the absolute best whenever you set foot in a new place. That’s why we feel that any of these locations would be the right choice for you from the perspective of seeing somewhere new and exploring a different part of the world. Just remember that a private jet hire is one of the most luxurious ways to travel, and you’re all set for getting the most out of things.