The Time to Travel is Now

When it comes to the exciting world of private jet hire, we’re all about getting the best results. We know that you want to get the best – it’s only natural to want your ideal range of experiences when flying for a holiday or business trip.

There’s never been a better time to travel, considering the last couple of years. We’re going to be talking a little bit about what it is that we believe to be the main reasons to travel during a pandemic, by carefully examining what’s changed in recent times.

Renewed Focus on Hygiene

We’re obsessed with hygiene now, which isn’t a massive departure from our pre-pandemic operating procedure. With that being said, we’ve put even more of an emphasis on it now.

Given that the pandemic forced everyone to focus on hygiene and germs, we’ve been more committed than ever. We make sure to carefully clean and sanitise everything for you before your flight. We make sure our staff test regularly, and we remain vigilant.

While we don’t expect COVID-19 to be an issue, we also know not to underestimate its potency and will take any necessary steps to protect you.

Focusing More on Inclusive Flying

Since the lockdown we’ve been thinking more about how to be inclusive. Now, we did have a healthy policy on inclusivity already, but we also think that we could do more. That’s why we have endeavoured to be as inclusive as possible now that we are back to flying on a regular basis.

We routinely take the time to ask what needs and requirements you have. We want you to feel like your specific requests have always been met, which is why we ask what we can do to make your experience better, and we also adjust our own internal policies to be as inclusive and flexible as possible.

Upgrading the Flying Experience

Whilst we were grounded, we took a look at the flight experience and made some tweaks and changes to upgrade things. We wanted to really showcase all of the potential benefits that could come from a private flight, so we deliberately set out to make things as enjoyable as possible.

Obviously, we do whatever it is that we can to give you the best experience, and we actively work hard to make sure that you get what you need. You will find that if you give us enough time and speak to us before you fly, we can facilitate most specific requests.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we do whatever it is that we can to facilitate the best possible private jet hire experience. We know how important it can be for everybody to get the kinds of resources that they want, and that’s why we work really hard to make it a reality. We actively encourage people to get the best possible experience, so we welcome open communication and frank discussions about what we can do for you.