So, the private jet is a symbol of prestige and luxury for those wishing to fly.

Or at least, it used to be! Nowadays, it’s a much more accessible and shared experience for people to find themselves on a private jet hire.
However, there are myths and mysteries which remain when it comes to private jets, and it can be quite challenging for people to try and work through these myths to find the truth underneath. We’re going to be clearing up a couple of different mysteries here and now, to help you understand what we try and provide a bit better.

Private Jets Are only for the elite

Well, this isn’t true at all. What you might think about private jet hire is that it is only for the affluent and elite. However, while this may have been the case half a century ago, you’ll find it’s not right now.

What you will find today is that there’s a lot of business people who fly privately because it’s quicker and more comfortable. You can arrive at the airport minutes before instead of hours, and you can often plot a tighter and more efficient route to make things easier. It’s just one of the better ways to fly now when time and convenience are important to you.

They’re Not as Fast as Airliners

Again, this is not true. What you will find when it comes to a lot of private jet hire companies is that they may well be the same speed as the commercial airliners. It’s not that they’re slower in any means, even though the journey may not be hours faster.

So, what’s the problem? Well, the way that a private jet saves time isn’t to do with how fast they go, but the ease on which you can get on board and take off. When flying, you have to factor in things like the times you spend at the airport and the time spent waiting for the plane to take off. These waits are severely cut down when it comes to private flights.

There’s No Security

If you’ve watched any spy film, you’ll find that the bad guys often use a private jet as a way of fleeing the country. However, they’d be stopped before they even got on the plane in reality! There’s still just as many security checks and procedures to go through when flying privately as you’d find in a commercial environment, but there’s just none of the lines and waiting – you’re the focus.

So, these are just a few of the different options that you’re going to want to keep in mind when it comes to those weird private jet hire myths and mysteries. Understandably, a lot of these legends may well have had a grain of truth once, but in the modern age, they’re not accurate at all. Private flying is an experience which is efficient, accessible to many and easy to make the most of, so it’s well worth investigating booking something with us!