Private Jet Hire FAQ - The Continuation

We are back with another FAQ, where we try and set out to answer some of the big questions that you have about hiring a private jet. We know that if you have not done this before, the process can be a little bit overwhelming. It can be hard to find the ideal jet for your situation if you have not got some of the big, burning questions answered.

Don’t worry though, because we are more than happy to help you figure it all out, so let’s get started.

Q: I have mobility issues; can I still fly?

So, we take mobility and inclusiveness seriously here. We know that if you have mobility issues, then trying to get on a plane can often be challenging and sometimes damaging to your confidence if the airline in question is not very inclusive.

We have made sure that every reasonable precaution is taken to make you capable of getting in and out of the plane with no loss to your dignity. We ask that you take the time to brief us on your mobility issue, so we can make the proper arrangements.

Q: I need a business meeting on my flight, can you help?

Yes, that is not going to be a problem. The interior of the private jet can be set up to cater to any specific need, because we pride ourselves on delivering the best experience to you.

So, if you want a business conference ready to go, we can set up refreshments, a table, some good seats, a screen for you to play a slideshow on, whatever it is you are looking for.

Q: Can I talk to you if I have a problem?

Yeah, if you have a problem, then we want to know about it. We are pretty committed to making sure that you get the best experiences, because we understand how important it can be to feel like you are getting what you need.

You will be appointed a Personal Account Manager who will be more than happy to talk to you about your specific requirements, and we encourage you to ask us if you have any questions or queries. If you do this, we can make sure that you get access to the best services.

Final Thoughts

It is always going to be hard to get the best possible experiences when you are looking at what is available. We remain committed to giving you what you need, because we understand how important it can be.

We hope that this continuation of the FAQ has helped you to understand a little bit more about what we provide.

We remain committed to providing a reliable, practical, well rounded service that caters to all needs. And we are resolute in making sure that you get everything you want.

Ask us for what we can offer today, we’ll let you know.