Private Jet Hire and Safety - Our Ongoing Quest

When it comes to private jet hire, we take your safety very seriously. We know that the coronavirus pandemic is a scary one, we understand that you are probably quite worried about exposing yourself to the virus. We acknowledge that you will expect us to have sufficient safety measures in place when you return to flying privately.

Obviously, we want to meet your expectations when it comes to private jet hire. That’s why we will be taking a look at some of the safety measures we have implemented, as well as our thoughts and feelings about the future.

Meeting Expectations

The first thing that we want to make sure that we do is to meet your expectations when it comes to health and safety practices during the private jet hire process.

We know that the coronavirus pandemic is a serious threat to the health and safety of everybody. That is why we have taken all of the appropriate steps to protect you, to protect our staff, and to safeguard anybody involved in the hiring process.

Before lockdown, we did this with the help of screening potential customers, performing temperature checks on all staff who were due to fly, and conducting welfare and health checks. We followed all of the guidelines laid down by the government wherever we could.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, it is evident that we have to redouble our efforts to protect people. We know that the coronavirus pandemic has grown beyond any kind of projection that the government had. This lockdown period has been required to prevent the NHS and local communities from becoming overwhelmed by the pandemic.

We know just how scary it is right now, which is why we are doing everything that we can to protect people, and to give people that vital peace of mind to safeguard them.

Rest assured, we will be doing everything within our power to protect you moving forward. We will continue to complete temperature checks, hygiene practices, welfare checks, quarantining when necessary, and being as socially distant as possible during the flight.

Obviously, we will follow all of the advice of the government to the letter and encourage any of our customers to do the same. Please isolate if you feel unwell, and don’t be afraid to cancel. We will work out a solution for any flight that cannot go ahead, but it is more vital that you stay safe, and you limit your exposure to other people.

In conclusion, it is quite a frightening time at the moment. Many different things are occurring all the time when it comes to coronavirus, and we are doing our best to be safe.

Right now, we are in lockdown, which is perhaps the best thing that could happen right now, and we will continue to  follow the advice of the government wherever we can. The team remains available 24/7 to discuss any further questions you may have surrounding the virus or any upcoming travel plans you may have.