Private Jet Flights to and from Croatia

The worst-kept secret of the Adriatic Sea. Boasting an impressive 1246 islands, isles, and inlets. Combining this with 1104 miles of coastline, and 2715 hours of sunshine annually (equal to Spain), it is easy to see why Croatia is becoming a melting pot of holidaymakers from around the world.

Arrive Your Way

Dubrovnik Airport has the longest runway in Croatia. It operates 24 hours a day, meaning you can organise your private jet around your schedule and the size of the airport is ideal for any private jet aircraft size. The airport is located just over 9 miles from Dubrovnik. Still, you can equally arrange for your private jet to take you to Zagreb Airport (the main international airport of Croatia).

Croatian Villages, Towns and Cities

Croatia is full of stunning cobble-stoned historic towns with long and winding alleys, perfect for immersing yourself in. From ancient Rome right through to medieval influences mixed with more contemporary architecture, the cities truly are a wonder to behold. Zadar is a stunning coastal city set in the peninsula, there are plenty of museums, bustling cafes, restaurants and bars. Zadar is home to the world’s first Sea Organ, a pipe organ that plays the tune according to the rhythm of the waves.

Dubrovnik, most well known as the filming location for hit TV show Game of Thrones is the quintessential mix of medieval and Mediterranean. Ideally located for taking boats and yacht tours to sale the sea and explore the many islands.

Did you know: Croatia is home to the world’s smallest town?
Hum is the world’s smallest town and has a population of just 30 people.

Natural Croatia

Dalmatia is home to the equally dramatic and beautiful coast, unspoilt bays and headlands, bordered by alpine woodland and surrounded by the purest of seas.

There are 11 national parks and 10 UNESCO sites throughout Croatia. Making up nearly 10% of the country’s famous landscape, that is a large portion of a country to remain unspoilt. Comprising of very different types of landscapes; vast woodlands, hidden cascading waterfalls, and an abundance of flora and fauna native to this stunning Mediterranean location.

Did you know: The Dalmatian Coast is the original home of the dog it shares its name with?
Originally bred as a carriage dog, the lineage of the Dalmatian can be traced back to its origins in this beautiful area of the world.

Not Your Average Beach Holiday

As already mentioned, there is an enormous amount of activities to be done during your visit to Croatia. Beyond the stunning beaches, there is plenty of entertainment within one of the 128 cities found in the country. From museums, art galleries, and tours, to fantastic cuisine, festivals and local traditions provide an immersive experience that you’ll want to visit again and again.

Croatia’s wildlife is as varied as its stunning landscapes. From native brown bears and wolves to the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals.

Top Tips for Visiting Croatia

Explore the Islands

Island hopping is undoubtedly a not-to-be-missed activity when visiting Croatia. Discover the treasure troves hidden away on these rarely touched islands.

Relish the Seafood

You simply cannot go to Croatia and not enjoy the mouth-watering array of fresh seafood on offer. If on the Dalmatian Coast, you will not regret tasting Peka (a stew, slow-cooked in an open fireplace with fresh seasonal vegetables)

Don’t Just Stay in One Place

Croatia is not the type of place you can simply stay in one place, be prepared to explore! Staying local should not be an option with so much on offer in one of the most diverse countries in the world!