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How To Get A Discount On Your Flights

Suppose you are free on location and time of your travel – usually the return journey, then you can benefit from Empty Legs.

An Empty Leg is a term we use to describe a private jet’s unsold portion of a booked private flight. Usually, it is a return journey where only the outbound flight has been booked. So, flying from Airport A to Airport B. The private jet will need to make its way back to Airport A.

Using Empty Leg can save you money, so long as you don’t mind when you fly or which airport you’re flying into within your chosen country. Please speak to your dedicated team member or check out our list of Airports here to find out more about Empty Legs and whether it is the right choice for you.

Should You Bring Your Pets

Unlike scheduled flights, where pets are considered cargo, on chartered private jets, you can take your pets with you in the cabin. You need to ensure you have the correct documentation and that you understand your destinations regulations allowing pets within their borders. You will also need to ensure that you are using a pet-friendly airport to travel from and arrive to.

For further information about bringing pets with you, please contact your dedicated team member via email, phone call or WhatsApp for advice.

Will There Be Any Additional Fees

All our fees are upfront and transparent; the price you pay upfront includes any special requests, so you know there won’t be anything extra to pay after your flight except for de-icing. You can pay via bank transfer, credit or debit card and in most cases in a currency that suits you.

What Is De-icing

De-icing refers to the process of removing, ice, frost or snow from the exterior of the aircraft. It is a legal requirement to remove all ice and snow before departure. This is the only cost that is not included in the price of your charter and will be invoiced to you after the flight.

How High Does A Private Jet Fly

Commercial jets tend to fly at an altitude of around 35,000 feet. Charter Private Jets, however, tend to cruise between 41,000 feet- 45,000 feet. The higher altitude is for several reasons:

  • Private Jets are smaller and lighter, meaning they ascend faster than commercial aircrafts
  • The higher altitude helps private jets avoid air traffic, meaning your route is more direct and quicker.
  • Private jets can avoid bad weather, making it a smoother ride for you.

How Fast Does A Private Jet Fly

The range of speed of private jets varies due to its engine size, and weight. The speed varies between 400 mph and 700 mph. Commercial aircraft tend to travel at around 500 mph. The reasons for the differences are numerous; for the most part, it is because of the altitude the plane flies at.

How Fast Does A Private Helicopter Fly

A private helicopter usually travels at a maximum speed of 160 mph.

How Far Would A Private Helicopter Take Me

A private charter helicopter can usually travel around 300 mph to 350 mph on one full tank of fuel. To give you perspective, that would be like flying from London Gatwick Airport to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Airport. This journey would usually take 5 hours plus by car. In a helicopter, the same journey can take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.