Heavy Jets Available for Private Charter

We understand that sometimes you need to arrange long-haul in a short time frame, we can help. Private Jets have never been more convenient or cost affective so let us get you there in style. You won’t be wanting for space, food or rest when traveling private so treat yourself wherever the journey may take you.

While flying aboard a heavy jet you will experience the luxury of a truly spacious cabin, you will not experience a weight limit on your luggage either with many of our heavy jets offering upwards of 100 cubic feet of storage space (up to 286!) there’s no need to worry that you’ll run out of room.

Heavy Jets

Able to handle medium to long haul flights uninterrupted there are many great options for you to choose from, contact us today and your personal account manager will assist you every step of the way.

  Embraer Legacy 600/650 Challenger 850 Falcon 2000
Seats Up to 13 Up to 15 Up to 10
Speed 455 Knots 460 Knots 475 Knots
Range 3400nm 2292nm 3130nm
Luggage Space 286 Cubic ft 250 Cubic ft 134 Cubic ft
Cabin Height 6ft 0in 6ft 1in 6ft 2in
Cabin Width 6ft 11in 8ft 1in 7ft 7in
Cabin Length 49ft 10in 28ft 6in 26ft 3in
Flight Attendant Yes Yes Yes

Embraer Legacy 600/650

Beginning with the Embraer Legacy 650, it boasts a longer range than the Legacy 600 allowing it to transport you non-stop for 7,200 km. Both the Legacy 600 and the Legacy 650 offer the ultimate experience with similar amenities, and both are the same size.

Boasting three separate cabin areas you will be able to relax and eat in peace, your flight can be as relaxing or productive as you require. The Legacy 650 includes a slightly reduced cabin noise affording a restful sleep on those longer flights.

You will have 286 cubic feet of storage space if you choose either Jet, this is ample for any group. A flight attendant is upon this Jet so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be taken care of.

Challenger 850

Once you board the Challenger 850 it will become apparent the luxury it has to offer, from the wide tables and plush seats. Moving into the amenities this jet has to offer there is a bathroom and in-flight catering available for your journey and as the challenger 850 features 250 cubic feet of storage space you will struggle to fill this compartment!

Arrive rested and well fed to your location, save precious hours booking tables at restaurants or spending nights in hotels, why not keep everything you need in one place.

Falcon 2000

A staple and top choice for corporate jet charters, the Dassault Falcon 200 is a slightly smaller development of the Falcon 900 trijet with transcontinental range allowing for long haul flights. You will find a luxury 26ft cabin able to accommodate the needs of up to 10 passengers at a time. All seats can be converted into beds and this Jet also includes a flight attendant.

You will find a high-temp oven, coffee maker and new counter tops, a forward sliding door assures privacy between the galley and cabin, the onboard Wi-Fi is top of the range running from a brand new Gogo L-5 AVANCE High Speed Internet System, there is internal and external access to the spacious baggage compartment.

In conclusion

There are plenty of Jets able to handle short, medium, and long-haul flights however we are dedicated with matching you to the correct one, this is our passion. We spare no expense when it comes to your comfort why not call today and get your next journey off to a great start our team are available 24/7 so you can be assured, you’ll get the support you deserve.