Launching Altitude Rewards

Altitude is a loyalty scheme for Travel Bookers, Concierges & Frequent flyers

Admiral Jet have created an exclusive loyalty scheme to reward our loyal customers around the world who choose to use us for the flying of their VIP clients. This is our way to thank you and hope that you will use this loyalty scheme to treat yourself.

How it works

For every flight booked we will give you 1 Altitude point for every £ 1,000 spent with no limit to the amount of points you can earn. Each group of 10 Points is the equivalent to a £50 Amazon Voucher.

Typical Example Below

Amount Spent Points Value
£ 10,000.00 10 £50
£ 25,000.00 25 £125
£ 50,000.00 50 £250

To register for the program please email Name, Company Name and contact details to and our marketing team will then contact you to ensure enrolment.

Terms & Conditions
  • Flights must be paid for in full before points will be added
  • Any cancelled flights will be removed from points balance
  • No minimum or maximum spend
  • Points will expire 12 months after the flight has taken place
  • All gift vouchers are subject to availability
  • In some circumstances, this may be classed as a benefit, in which case it is the receiver’s responsibility to pay any tax if in doubt please speak with a tax advisor.