14 Day Quarantine for Incoming Flights

What Are the Protocols for Flying Private After COVID-19?

Anybody in the aviation industry will tell you that lockdown has been a very challenging time. Our livelihoods, our ability to provide a service has been taken away from us, and is only in recent time that we have seen any leeway on getting them back.

So, when the 14 day quarantine procedure was introduced for any incoming flights, it was understandably quite a contentious topic in the aviation industry. We thought we would share our thoughts and feelings about it, because we want you to understand where we sit on the metaphorical fence.

Understanding the Rules

It must be said that we do understand the rules to a considerable extent. The simple reality of life is that we have never had an outbreak like this before. COVID-19 has shut the world down in record-quick time and it’s pretty worrying.

We understand why the rules have been created. It’s important to protect as many people as possible, because the truth is, we still don’t have a way round this problem. There is no resource, no vaccine as of yet, which means that people are still in danger. COVID-19 itself has not gone away either. There are still thousands of new cases every day.

Follow the Rules

Understandably, it is very important that people continue to follow the rules. We know how much of a challenge it can be for people to try and get the best possible services. But, at the same time, we will continue to follow the rules as much as we can.

You must ask yourself why you’re travelling at this point in time. Where is it you want to go? A lot of places are still locked down, because quite a few countries do not have a lead on COVID-19 yet.

Ultimately, that is the question we would ask anybody who is looking to travel at the minute. There are only a handful of places you can go, and then when you get back, you have to take a 14 day quarantine by law.

Travel Will Resume One Day

Travel will resume at some point. It is true that we are getting closer and closer to a vaccine every day. People are coming up with innovations and leaps in the technology required to combat this disease. It is only a matter of time before we can all travel again, but in the meantime, it makes sense just to follow the rules. We understand they can be frustrating, but we intend to follow them to the best of our abilities, and this will affect how we run in the days and weeks going forward.

In conclusion, it is important to trust the judgment of the government. Ultimately, they are doing what they think is best for everyone, and while you may not necessarily agree, it is important to just try and sit tight and be patient. We will be able to fly again, but until that happens, we intend to just keep being safe.